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The cause and effect

What causes Alzheimer's? The most likely cause of Alzheimer's is our aluminum intake. This statement is based on the following cause and effect analyses:
  • Kidney dialysis — cause and effect can be shown, stemming from the fact that water is treated with aluminum, therefore tapwater contains aluminum; and when tap water is used for treating kidney dialysis patients, they often suffer serious mental deterioration due to aluminum poisoning.

  • Aluminum intake — cause and effect can be shown. Read the scientific literature. Example: One scientific study explicitly and effectively proves the aluminum link when it says, "Since 1911, experimental evidence has repeatedly demonstrated that chronic aluminum intoxication reproduces neuropathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease... The hypothesis that aluminum significantly contributes to Alzheimer's disease is built upon very solid experimental evidence." (1)

  • Aluminum chelation — cause and effect can be shown. Desferrioxamine effectively removes the aluminum that has accumulated in the brain. One scientific study effectively proves the aluminum link when it said Desferrioxamine treatment led to significant reduction in the rate of decline of daily living skills. The mean rate of decline was twice as rapid for the no-treatment group. The sustained administration of desferrioxamine did slow the clinical progression of the dementia associated with Alzheimer's disease. (6)
But, can we cure Alzheimer's? Yes, we can!

The cure

How can we cure Alzheimer's? Based on successful clinical trials, chelation therapy can cure you. There are many chelation agents, including anything that raises your glutathione. Examples include curcumin, desferrioxamine (DFO, deferoxamine, desferrioxamine B, desferoxamine B, DFO-B, DFOA, DFB or desferal), epsom salt baths, exercise, MSM, melatonin, N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) supplements, silica-rich water, and vitamin D-3 supplements.

Example: DFO treatment (at 5 mg/kg) is a safe and adequate chelation therapy for you, or anyone who suffers from an aluminium overload. DFO will also remove your iron, but the latter can be easily replaced.

In a recent study, McLachlan and his team gave 24 Alzheimer's patients a low dose of DFO at two times 125 mg per day in the form of injections. After two years on this regimen, the progression of dementia was successfully slowed down. The 24 Alzheimer's patients declined only half as quickly as a control group of 24 patients who were not treated. (5) (6)

Imagine the wonderful possibilities! Assuming the average body weight was 80 kg, had the McLachlan team given (5 mg/kg x 80 kg =) 400 mg per day, as opposed to only 125 mg per day, to their 24 Alzheimer's patients, then chances are that all of them would've been cured. ...More >>

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