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If you know what you want, then on this page you will find a script you can use now, right now. So, what do you need? This script can do wonders for your web site. Look no further, if you want a free no right click script.

Author: AptArticle.com

Description: It's a Javascript that prevents users from copying the text of your web pages. It's a no right click script that prevents copying.

Demo: Try to copy the text of this page. Please notice that:
• This script doesn't reprimand the user;
• There aren't pop-up windows with nasty messages; and
• You're unable to copy the following text:


How do you prevent prostate cancer?
You can prevent as well as prostate cancer, if you know what you eat and drink. You can easily avoid prostate cancer, if you know what to do.

How do you get food poisoning?
I am not telling you to get food poisoning by consuming certain foods and drinks. However, you can get food poisoning, if you eat, and if there is an error in your judgment. For example...

How do you track down food allergies?
Food allergy is a lot more important to your health than most of us realize. Because if you are allergic to just one food, it can mean fatigue, dizziness, headache, depression, stammering, and even epileptic seizures...


Step 1: Copy the following code, and add it to the 'head' section of your web page. If you can't you copy it, then click here for an unprotected page.

/******* DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ************/

function DisableCrime(target){
if (typeof target.onselectstart!="undefined")
target.onselectstart=function(){return false}
else if (typeof target.style.MozUserSelect!="undefined")
else target.onmousedown=function(){return false}
target.style.cursor = "default"}

* Copyright © AptArticle.com (http://aptarticle.com)
* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use.
* Visit http://aptarticle.com/ for this script and hundreds more.


Step 2: Copy the following code, and add it (as the last three lines) to the 'body' section of your web page. Can't you copy the code? Click here for an unprotected page.


Step 3: Please note that there is no need for editing.
In your own interest, do not edit any of this script.

Step 4: Enjoy it! Have fun using it!

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