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Free 'read more' JavaScript

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If you know what you want, then on this page you will find a script you can use now, right now.

So, what do you need? This script can do wonders for your web site. Look no further, if you want a free 'read more' script.

Author: AptArticle.com

Description: It's a JavaScript that expands or collapses the text that your web page displays.

Advantages: As opposed to annoying popups, this 'read more' script tends to elicit positive responses from users.

Demo: The following demo will show what this script can do for you:


Step 1: Click this 'Read more' link. Please notice that your click expands the visible portion of this web page.

Step 2: Click one more time this 'Read more' link. Please notice that your second your click collapses the visible portion of this web page.

On the morning cough, we have two articles for you.
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Step 1: Copy the following code, and add it to the 'CSS' file of your web site.

.GiveScript {
font-family: Arial;            /* may edit */
font-size: 12px;                  /* may edit */
font-color: #000000;                   /* may edit */
background-color: #F1F1F1;                  /* may edit */
border: 0px;                             /* may edit */
border-left: 10px solid #0000A0;       /* may edit */
border-right: 45px solid #FFFFFF;    /* may edit */
padding-left: 10px;               /* may edit */

#T7 {
width: 700px;        /* may edit */
height: 20px;           /* may edit */
background: #F1F1F1;       /* may edit */
border: #0000A0 solid 1px;   /* may edit */
font-family: Arial;        /* may edit */
font-size: 11pt;        /* may edit */
color: #000000;      /* may edit */

Step 2: Copy the following code, and add it to the 'body' section of your web page.

<div class="GiveScript">
<div class="txt5">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit...  /* may edit */

/******* DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE ************/

* Copyright © AptArticle.com (http://aptarticle.com)
* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use.
* Visit http://aptarticle.com/ for this script and hundreds more.

function SwitchIt(id){
if (id !=null){
if (document.getElementById(id).style.display=='block'){

<div id="show_me" style="display:show"></div>
<div class="txt5"><a href="javascript:void(0)"
onclick="SwitchIt('show_me_not')">Read more</a></div>
<div id="show_me_not" style="display:none">

<table id="T7"><tr><td>
Your first paragraph   /* may edit */
Your second paragraph  /* may edit */
Your third paragraph   /* may edit */


Step 3: You may edit the code you've copied in steps 1 and 2.
However, in your own interest, do limit your editing to the lines we marked /* may edit */.

Step 4: Enjoy it, and have fun using it!

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