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Mushroom poisoning

You can get food poisoning and DIE, if you eat a poisonous mushroom. You can get food poisoning, if in the woods, in the summer, you can find the mushroom known as the Death Angel. It's also known as death cup, death cap and Amanita Phalloides. It's a mushroom of white trunk and prominent green or brown cap.

So, how can you get food poisoning? If you eat the Death Angel, you will get food poisoning. One single bite of it will KILL you.

Nutmeg poisoning

How can you get food poisoning? If you eat too many nutmegs, you get food poisoning and DIE!

Nutmegs are the hard aromatic seeds of the nutmeg tree. They're used as spice, when grated or ground. Nutmegs are one of the most delicious spices. They're commonly used in folk medicine as analgesic, digestive, stomachic, hypnotic, aphrodisiac and amenorrhoeic agents.

So, how can you get food poisoning? You get food poisoning, if you eat too many nutmegs. An overdose of nutmegs will KILL you.

Polonium poisoning

How can you get food poisoning? If there is a strong dose of polonium in your food or drink, it will kill you.

Example: Alexander Litvinenko, an outspoken critic of the Russian government, was living in exile in England. In 2006 in a London hotel he met a former Russian agent who put a strong dose of polonium-210 — a radioactive substance — into Litvinenko's tea.

By the end of that day Litvinenko became ill, checked into a hospital, and was between life and death for 22 days. And then, after a lot of suffering for 22 days, after losing all of his hair, and after becoming gaunt and jaundiced, he died an agonizing death in his hospital bed, in the company of the best British medical doctors.

Think about it! The supposedly highly sophisticated and well-trained British medical doctors, and their medical laboratories had no idea at all as to what caused his illness and death.

Just think about the ignorance of medical doctors!

Example: The doctors of the University College Hospital erroneously blamed his condition on "heart failure and an overnight heart attack".

Example: The doctors were no experts. Polonium is an alpha emitter and the doctors were ignorant of the limitations of Geiger counters. Professionals use alpha-particle spectroscopy, as opposed to Geiger counters, for the detection of polonium. And, based on the ignorant medical doctors' opinion that Geiger counters should detect every kind of radiation, they erroneously concluded that radiation poisoning was unlikely. Why? Because their Geiger counter didn't detect anything.

Example: Dr.Geoff Bellingan, the director of Critical Care at University College Hospital said: "We are now convinced that... radiation poisoning is... unlikely."

Example: A leading toxicologist, a Professor John Henry, was contacted with the suspicion that Litvinenko had been poisoned with thallium, or with a radioactive substance. However, thanks to "professional ethics" (that protect doctors, as opposed to patients), the professor was neither allowed to see his test results, nor was he allowed to test him. Because, after all, thanks to "professional ethics", Litvinenko was a patient of the University College Hospital, as opposed to the patient of the professor.

Just think about it! Litvinenko was poisoned when he drank his tea. And it didn't even look like foul play.

So, how can you get food poisoning? You will get food poisoning, if you inhale, eat, or drink any radioactive substance. Radioactive substances will give you cancer. Radioactive poisoning will kill you, too!


How can you get food poisoning? You can get food poisoning if you eat potato sprouts. Because they're poisonous. Because they contain more than 0.06 percent in poisonous alkaloids.

How can you get food poisoning? You can get food poisoning, if you eat green or greenish potatoes. Why do you get food poisoning? Because both green and greenish potatoes are poisonous.

Why do you get food poisoning? Because green and greenish potatoes contain chaconine and solanine alkaloids, which are poisonous. The symptoms of solanine poisoning are migraine, nausea, sleepiness and fever. ...More >>

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