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Body language

How can you pick up women? Look for body language, or signs of physical attraction. For example, she follows you around. Or, she crosses her leg in your direction. Or, she makes eye contact with you. Or, her pupils get dilated when you're talking with her. Or, she giggles a lot when she's in your company. Or, she keeps touching you. Or, she demonstrates an unusually willingness to help you or please you.

Keep in mind that, regardless of their race, nationality, upbringing, personality, or culture, women all over the world are pretty consistent with their signs of physical attraction. How do you know for sure? Women's signs are subtle, so you'll never know for sure. Therefore just follow your hunches. Why? Because your hunches are usually correct.

Buy her coffee

How can you pick up women? Here is an approach that never fails. Whenever you see a really good-looking woman, go over to her, introduce yourself, and offer to buy her, let's say, coffee. Why? Because one out of 10 will go for coffee, and one in 10 who goes for coffee will end up sleeping with you.

Visualize that! Ten really good-looking women in your bed, if you pay for coffee, and if you have the guts to talk to strangers.


How can you pick up women? Approach them, because they won't approach you. Why? Because they're afraid to try. They're such chickens. Yet there are millions of them who are dying to get picked up. They're every bit as eager to meet, talk and sleep with you as you are with them.


How can you pick up women? The table is tilted, the game is rigged, nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. The women around you keep deceiving you by wearing butt-lifting panties, breast implants, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake tans, hair colors, hair extensions, hair removal creams, high heels, liposuctions, makeup (paints), padded bras, plastic surgeries, push-up bras, skin lightening creams and wigs. However, if you wear a wig, the 24 year old barbie doll, the fakest creature of this planet, will likely laugh at you and accuse you of being gay!

Dress well

How can you pick up women? Dress as well as possible at all cost. It's of supreme importance in life to be always well dressed. Dress like a success because:
  • Nobody cares where you live or what you eat, but everyone notices your clothes;
  • Every guy is your competition;
  • The women will size you up and make split-second decisions; Fancy watches, jackets and designer shoes are the three things that women first look for, to see if you're successful. They're good investments with lots of returns. ...More >>
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