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Touch her

How can you pick up chicks? Show your self-confidence, interest and boldness. As soon as possible, touch her hand to find out if there is any chemistry. Quickly get touchy-feely and see how she responds. And this is important because, if you waste 30 minutes talking to her before you touch her hand, it will feel weird.

Observe how warm some of the chicks are when they like you. Observe how they inch closer and closer to you. Because, given sufficient time, using their bags, hands, bodies, or voices, they will call attention to themselves. Observe how long it takes for them to brush against you. Because, before they can brush against you, they do need courage. And courage is something that they do not have.

Observe yourself how frigid you get around chicks who approach you. Observe yourself how you actually back off of them when they're in your face — i.e. when you're kino capable — and how you fail to touch them.

Observe how black guys (and foreign guys) touch chicks they don't know. Observe how they touch early. Observe how they touch without permission, and observe how well they do with chicks.

The issue is, if you don't touch the chick early on in a pickup, you won't get her number, and you won't lay her. Stop listening to feminists who say you should keep your hands to yourself, until you're invited to touch. The truth is just the opposite. Men who touch early, and touch without permission, are the ones who win chicks' hearts.

Why do the chicks respond positively? Why do they agree to slow dance, if you touch them? Why do they give you their phone numbers, if you touch them? Because the touch is associated with male dominance; and the vast majority of chicks LOVE male dominance.

Please keep in mind that touching alone won't make you attractive in chicks' eyes, if you're ugly, fat, fearful, or if you can't talk. But, chances are, she won't be able to take it to the next level, — even when she's attracted to you — even when you're attractive and courageous with a gift of gab — if you fail to touch her. In other words, touching the chick is a requirement, but not the only requirement of the successful pickup.

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