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Get out there

How can you pick up chicks? Get out there and make face-to-face contacts! If you have some homework, or research project, do it in public! For example, do it in a public library! Why? Because body language plays a major role in finding a mate. And because you'll have little or no success in finding your mate, if you stay locked in your bedroom.

Go for hot chicks

How can you pick up chicks? Go for hot chicks, because they need you. Why?

Because most guys think "What's the point, she is out of my league", and don't ask out the hot chicks.

And because hot chicks find female friendships are also impossible to maintain. Because chicks measure themselves against each other, by their looks, therefore just about every chick resents them for their looks. And chicks don't want to hang out with someone who is more attractive than they are. Older chicks are the most hostile to hot chicks, perhaps because they feel their own looks are fading.

Go where the chicks are

How can you pick up chicks? Go where the chicks are. Go to bars and clubs, because some of the chicks go to bars and clubs. However, unless you want one night stands, avoid booze, blaring music, and beer that is permanently attached to your hand.

Taking yoga, cooking, and ballet classes is a better idea, because then, chances are that you'll be the only guy in those classes. However, in those classes you can't be shy, because the instructors will give you little or no reason to interact with the chicks.

If you're a bit shy, then taking ballroom dance classes is a better idea (i) because in ballroom dancing the chicks will sometimes outnumber the guys, (ii) because your arms will be around the chicks, And (iii) because you'll have many opportunities to talk with the chicks.

How can you pick up chicks? Go where the chicks are, because it's unlikely that to meet chicks, if you hang out in the garage of your guy friends.

Just do it

How can you pick up chicks? Just do it, because they key is not in the reading but in the doing. You'll have to approach chicks, because they won't approach you. Why? Because they're afraid to try. And because they're such chickens. Yet there are millions of them who are dying to get picked up. They're every bit as eager to meet, talk, and sleep with you as you're with them.

Prepare physically

How can you pick up chicks? Look at yourself through the eyes of chicks. Never leave home without feeling certain you LOOK the part. Look like the man you want to be. Your appearance TALKS, so make sure it says positive things about you. The better packaged you are, the more acceptance you will receive.   ...More >>

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