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Verbal compliance

How can you pick up women? Touching her will likely lead to small acts of compliance, which will eventually lead to the big act of compliance for sex. Kino is nonverbal. For example, hand on forearm, then upper arm, then thigh, and so on.

However, kino is not the only way to escalate a seduction. You can create an emotional connection. You can ask for verbal compliance. When you ask a series of increasingly personal and sexual questions, it is a conversational form of kino. And, if you combine nonverbal and verbal compliance, it will trigger powerful arousals in women.

Women who are beneath you

How can you pick up women? Avoid women who are beneath you. You should recoil from them. Do not elevate their status by touching them, or by trying to pick them up.

Women with kids

How can you pick up women? Do not pick up women with kids, (i) because all they're looking for are stepfathers, (ii) because their kids are far more important to them than their boyfriends, And (iii) because, in many states, live-in boyfriends must pay child support.

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