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Hanging out with you

What if your friend does not hang out with you? If your "friend" doesn't hang out with you much, then she is a user. Users rarely ever hang out with you. They pick someone else to hang out with. And if in the unlikely event they choose to hang out with you, then you're their last resort. If they spend time with you, it is because they want something from you.


What if your friend is insensitive? If you mention to your "friend" that your canary bird has died, and if he changes the subject and starts talking about one of his problems, then he has chosen not to hear you. Not hearing you is a very callous thing to do. It is something that users do. Real friends don't do that.


What if your friend forgets to call you? Real friends have integrity. Users have excuses. They have no integrity. If your "friend" never calls you, then he is a user. If he says he will call you, but he "forgets" to call, then he is a user. If he "forgot" to call, then you were not important to him.

Interest in you

What if your friend disinterested in your life? Real friends are interested in you. Users aren't interested in you and your life. Users ask only superficial questions on how your day is going, and what is new. If your "friend" is not interested in you and your life, then she is a user.


What if your friend gets you into trouble? If your "friend" constantly gets you into trouble with the law, your parents, teachers or superiors, then he is a user.

Negative people

What if your friend keeps talking negatively? If your "friend" always talks negatively to make himself feel better, then he is a user. If he uses you for his negative talk, makes you feel bad about your world or opportunities, or if he drains you emotionally, financially, or mentally, then he is a user.

Party animals

What if your friend is a party animal? If your "friend" is a party animal, then he is a user. Party animals come around only when you're going to a party, or doing something fun. ...More >>

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