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How can you pick up women? Determine what your true priorities are. Do not spend ALL your resources (your time, money, and energy) on chicks. Don't make it a goal to bang 25 broads per week, every week. Any dog or flea can do that.


How can you pick up women? Always be ready to have sex. Keep condoms in your wallet. Always carry at least two condoms with you. Don't trust women as to contraception or disease prevention.


How can you pick up women? Be picky. If you're looking for one night stands, pick up the chick with the lowest possible self-esteem. The lower her self-esteem is, the easier she will be. You want the chick whose self-esteem is so low that she will do the deed, even with you.


How can you pick up women? Smile! Your smile is important because women make split-second decisions as to whether or not you're a rapist, mugger, or an interesting stranger they would like to know better.

Strange creatures

How can you pick up women? Keep in mind that women are the strangest sort of two-legged tame fowls ever imagined. Because they must seek mates, while they must conceal and deny all of their strongest sex-feelings, while they must be as cold as frogs, and as wily and ruthless as Apaches on the war path.


How can you pick up women? Learn about women. Beggars can't be choosers. They're over the hill at age 35. They don't have much time. Having not much time, and being too timid to pick men up, if they don't talk to you, they have to wait for another two months, or even longer, for the next man to come along. Therefore, as long as you're reasonable, women will likely respond to you and your approach. ...More >>

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