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Out of the blue

How can you pick up women? You could walk up to them out of the blue, and simply ask them for their numbers.

However, this approach is little or no fun. You will have far more success with women when you are not pushy, and when you say something honest. For example, "This is a bit awkward, and I'm a bit shy around pretty women, but I..."

Pick up lines

How can you pick up women? No standard pick up lines are required. No, you don't need to have the skills of a pick up artist. Just start up the conversation, any conversation, and just say whatever comes to mind!

Play the numbers game

How can you pick up women? Picking up women is a numbers game. One out of every 10 chicks is NOT going to reject you. So, hit on 20 hot chicks, and you will have TWO HOT chicks on your list.

Practice age discrimination

How can you pick up women? Practice age discrimination. Pick up only young chicks. Why? Because, if they're over 30, they're too old. If they're over 30, they're higher maintenance. If they're over 30, they're also worse in the looks department. The young hotties far better in the looks department. And they're much easier, too.

Prepare mentally

How can you pick up women? To pick up women, how can you approach them? Are you unable to approach them, because you don't know what to say? Have something at the tip of your tongue, so you'll have something to say. Memorize something, anything, in advance. It doesn't have to be funny, witty, or smart.

Ask a question, or say something that requires an answer. When women say you have to be funny, witty AND smart, they're giving you bad advice.

Pick up lines are okay. However asking questions will work far better. Women will respond to your question, as long as it's a positive one. For example, "Do you know of any good places to eat around here?"   ...More >>

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