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Keep it short

How can you pick up women? Talk with them. Ask the women about themselves because, in general, people do like to talk about themselves. Initiate conversations with them with the goal of, let's say, getting their numbers.

However, keep the conversations short. You'll be more successful, if you keep all initial conversations short, light, fun, and playful.

Keep practicing, and you will be able to get their phone numbers in seconds rather than minutes.

You could talk most of the time, and demonstrate your fantastic personality or high value. However, the longer you talk, the more likely you will say something you didn't intend to say. And you won't get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Besides, you don't want to waste your time with conversations that aren't getting you closer to your goals.

And, keep in mind that every minute counts, and distractions may arise that will steal her attention.

Make eye contact

How can you pick up women? Make eye contacts before everything else, because the eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of human interaction.

Because the eyes are the windows to a woman's soul.

Because if you know how to use eye contact the right way, you can easily succeed in attracting just about any woman you desire.


How can you pick up women? Detach yourself from the outcome, and as soon as she senses you are not needy, you will be safely beyond her value checking, and you will be able to build up some attraction.

Why? Because neediness is a turn-off to most people. And because, if you supplicate, if a woman ever gets the feeling her value is greater than yours, she'll find a way to get rid of you instantly. ...More >>

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