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What about you?

How to advertise for love? Tell the reader more about yourself. For example, "I am tall, slim, and fit. I am neither married, nor am I involved with anyone else at this time." "I don't smoke, drink, or use any drugs." "I am well-educated, well-traveled, self sufficient. I pay my own way, and live on my own"... "I like to go out sometimes. I also enjoy quiet evenings at home."

How to say more about you

How to advertise for love? Say more about yourself. For example, "I prefer nutritious or health foods with little or no cooking, to preserve all vitamins, minerals and enzymes"... "I believe most meats shouldn't be eaten raw, and unwashed fruits should never be eaten in Mexico!"

How to be clever, witty, or funny

How to advertise for love? Say something clever, witty or funny. For example, "Contrary to what it sounds like, you don't get germs in Germany, and don't go hungry in Hungary."

How to say even more about you

Tell the reader more about yourself. For example,
"I have a sense of humor. I'm focused and sane, of course."
"My musical taste ranges from classical to no music."
"I like listening to the silence, and to the singing of birds when the sun rises."
"I get creative art-wise."
"I have a sense of beauty."
"I collect ideas and read books."
"I live as stress free as possible. I don't like drama and/or any noise."
"I prefer preparing foods at home with someone special to going out all the time."

How to appear exciting

How to advertise for love? Tell the reader you are exciting. For example, "And I do have my dark side; I have more than my fair share of parking tickets."

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