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Green card attractions

How can you pick up women? Find a good reason why she may need you. She may want a green card. So, prowl college campuses for foreign students who are looking to hook up for free green cards. Dangle that carrot in front of her, but never give her that green card.

Handle objections

How can you pick up women? If a woman says she has a boyfriend, it means she doesn't have enough attraction for you yet. Therefore you might want to pretend you didn't hear it. Just say "Cool... anyway..." and continue talking.

Why? Because you want to plow past her boyfriend claim as soon as possible. Because you don't want to concentrate on any obstacle. Because she may be secretly bored of her boyfriend. Or because her boyfriend claim may not even be true.

Have an exit strategy

How can you pick up women? Have an exit strategy. If she is unfriendly, then walk away from her immediately. If she is friendly, then do stick around for a few minutes, because you will be comfortable, because your conversation will sound natural, and because you will be able to pick her up easily.

Have a pretext

How can you pick up women? Have a pretext, an excuse. You will need an excuse for inviting her to your place. For example, your exotic fish, or your stamp collection. Or that you must go back to your place to put on a sweater.

How women feel

When you try to pick up women, you're doing them a favor! You're bringing a little excitement, drama and romance into their lives. When you try to pick them up, they're feeling flattered and complimented by you. You're making them feel attractive.

Contrary their persistent assertions to the contrary, women do love it when you try to pick them up. They love it so much that they can't get enough of it. They never admit it. It's their dirty little secret. Therefore, make no apologies for trying to pick up women. Convey the belief that you're doing them a favor. Convey the attitude that you're a prize they have to win over. ...More >>

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