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Why select anything?

Ladies, Why do you select any bra in the first place?
Partly because society tell you to always wear a bra. However, you don't have to wear any bra at all.

Over 90 percent of North-American women wear bras, many without ever asking why. And bra-wearing isn't even a necessity for most women in this 90-percent group. Why? Because the bras aren't necessities for their breasts' sakes.

If you've got small or medium-sized breasts, and if you're used to bra-wearing, then initially you might feel a bit uncomfortable without them.

However, this is just a question of habit that has become a psychological issue for you. Initially you might feel awkward or self-conscious without your bra, but only if you're used to wearing it.

One issue is, when you get used to wearing bras, it's possible to not even notice, and not even pay any attention to the slight discomfort from, and the many long-term problems of wearing bras.

Why do you wear any bra at all?

Why do you wear any bra in the first place? Bras are worn for cultural reasons. And also because every day you're bombarded with "Wear your bra!" messages. Why? Because society give you many false reasons for wearing bras.

Interestingly, society never tell you about the many disadvantages of wearing bras. They never ever tell you that:
  • Bra hooks can severe (cut) your spinal cord, during rear end collisions;
  • Bra manufacturers don't take into consideration any asymmetry;
  • Bra-use does contribute to sagging, through atrophy of your Cooper's ligaments;
  • Bras do destroy the natural shape of your breasts;
  • It's difficult to get the correct fit;
  • It's unnatural and unhealthy to squeeze into cone-shaped cups;
  • Sexy underwire bras will jab you and you'll have one or more tumors;
  • The current system of bra sizing is complicated and inadequate;
  • The straps always dig into your shoulders, and you'll have deep scars, grooves, or crevices in your shoulders from years of wearing bras. Do you really want to disfigure yourself?
  • You run a significantly higher risk of getting breast cancer;
  • You waste a lot of money on bras; and
  • You weaken yourself by constantly wearing bras.
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